Charles O. Davis

Quick Bail Bonds

Quick Bail Bonds has been in Businesse for 24 years, Mr Davis first started the company in 1988.With only 4 counites: Jackson, Lenawee,Ingham and Calhoun.

Over the course of 24 years Mr.Davis has expanded into all of Michigan Countie's. 

With the hard work and dedication from all of the Bondsmen at Quick Bail Bonds, It is believe'd to be the largest self contained property Bail Bonding Company in Michigan.

The amount of cash bail that a defendant posts with the courts to be released from custody can be refunded after trial or dismissal of the case, provided that all court requirements have been met. 

A BOND on the other hand cannot be refunded. 

Therefore if a defendant hires a bondman to post the bond for him, the bondsman does not have to legally return the money to the defendant. Some Bail Bondsman require property as a condition for posting a bond for the defendant, in addition to 10 percent of the bail order amount the bondsman can also require property (real estate) where the Bondsman will then place a lein against the property. Coming up with the property obligation could be difficult. We are always willing to work with our client's, whereas she could pay the cash to the courts without having to use a bondsman. .